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Enlightened spouses realize that love is an action word.
That’s an impossible, burdensome task and one in which your partner will eventually fail. Yes, it’s important to share common
Couples don't often realize the power they hold in maintaining respect and health in their relationship. Today, I want to share one simple yet powerful tool for you to consider -- and here's the thing -- it's really not rocket science. But it must be done consistently and in public.
Believe in staying together forever in a world that can't stop breaking up.
Friendship actually is the F-word that needs the most attention if you want to retain or regain a happy marriage. The single most distinguishing characteristic between happy couples and distressed couples is that happy couples are more likely to be best friends and actually treat each other as best friends would.
For most married couples, the question of when to have children comes up quickly after the wedding. Some delay it by a few years, some start right away, but for many couples, having kids is on the agenda. But before taking that leap into parenthood, you should know that your marriage changes forever, and there's no going back.
Whether your marriage is great, not-so-great* or somewhere in between, you can make small changes this Spring that will give it new life and bring joy to you and your husband. Here are some ideas for getting started:
It turns out that sex and communication are key to successful relationships and that couples who communicate about their sex lives are both more sexually satisfied and happier. This comes as no surprise.
As an organization ninja, I am a do-er of things. Busy life, busy job, busy family, busy calling! Hard to keep things straight. I keep a myriad of to-do lists throughout my crazy life -- but the one place I do not keep these lists is on my phone.
You've met the person who you think is "the one," and you're truly, madly, deeply in love. But how do you really know if marriage is the next step?
I outlined 15 of the intentions I wish more of my couples kept in focus throughout the year to help you and your love stay close and connected all year long.
We assume that our spouses know how we truly feel about them, but there are some things we all need to hear from time to time.
Lets get real: True love is not always roses and chocolates. It can get messy and complicated at times. Giving up fairytale fantasies means you won't be constantly dismayed when inevitably love's reality shows itself to be different than your internalized fantasy.
Looking back, I could have been assured falling in love with her was a wise decision a lot sooner if I had asked myself five simple questions. If the answers to these questions are positive, she may just be worth lowering your defenses and falling in love with.
As I sit in the wee hours of the morning my mind is drawn to the date. It was two years ago that my Mom moved on to life's next great adventure. I've written a tribute before, yet find myself propelled to share additional random thoughts about her and relationships in general.
Marriages are not like diamonds or tattoos. They are not eternal and undying. They are henna and wood, constantly made new to be beautiful, daily polished in order to shine. Relationships are not meant to be declared permanent and then taken for granted as a fixture.
My daughter will learn, both through our actions and her own experiences, that happy is a skill, a choice and a mindset. That to be happy "ever after" is not a given, nor even a constant in a marriage.
Though it seems completely counterintuitive, regularly questioning my marriage actually keeps me even more committed to it.
1. Be Honest With Each Other: It's not the crush that's dangerous... its keeping it a secret. When you're open and honest
So relax, Democrats. Republicans aren't really having better marriages because of their political beliefs or their neighborhood culture. Instead, much of the answer lies in two institutions, race and religion, that are even more fundamental to American society.