happy place

My, let's call it "eagerness to have things happen in a timely manner," which manifests in a variety of ways, often upsets the people I care about, so I have decided to become more patient. I made a list of five ways to accomplish this goal.
“When I was getting anxious or scared, Mommy would say ‘Go to your happy place, go to your happy place.’"
Picture your kids during their free time. Do you envision them playing video games, watching TV, or Instagramming their desserts
An unexpected gift of running is that when you challenge yourself, and you dig deeper than you ever thought possible, you not only become immensely proud of yourself but also those who love you bear witness to the inner strength you have unearthed.
No matter what I was able to accomplish professionally, my "Happy Place" in Hawaii has remained the same. The core of who I was as a child and teenager and who I am as an adult hasn't drifted so far apart that I don't recognize myself any longer.
We all have them. Places that, in short, just make us happy. Where the sirens and deadlines and back pains and bills and meetings and "Mommy!!!" all melt away. Where you can sit and just be content where you are in that moment.
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