He and his wife Grace would be granted full immunity if he steps down.
The military said the 93-year-old president was "safe and sound."
Japan has cherry blossoms, Holland has fields of tulips, and Africa has its famous jacarandas. They erupt in vivid purple flowers in October and November, the southern hemisphere's spring. That means right about now, the streets are awash in a gorgeous carpet of violet.
There is clearly no lack of creativity or interest in the arts community of Harare and the other provinces of Zimbabwe, simply a lack of resources.
Click through the slideshow below to see what you can do to help people from Wisconsin to North Korea. Whether it's an earthquake
Harare residents may have the most challenging lifestyles on the planet, as the Zimbabwean capital ranked dead last among
Most jobs in Zimbabwe have been informalized resulting in a very large informal sector. These informal sector workers, often the most exploited and the most ignored, decided to form a union.
Wellington Chibebe, the secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, works tirelessly to bring attention to Zimbabwe's economic and human rights realities and to pressure the government to reform its ways.
Visiting Zimbabwe can be a heart-wrenching experience. It is a beautiful land of warm and soft-spoken people. But hovering over the landscape at all times is the specter of extreme poverty and political oppression.
It took a wild pig on the runway at Harare International Airport to reveal what many Zimbabweans have long feared: the country's