harboring hearts

I sat down with Michelle Javian, co-founder of Harboring Hearts, a non-profit dedicated to easing the financial and emotional burdens placed on families who are impacted by cardiac disease. We discussed the lessons learned from founding a non-profit from scratch, and together we've outlined the main factors required for success:
"I have a very big vision, and want to help a lot of people. The most challenging part of my role is that this vision has to navigate against the tangible realities of time and how long it takes to get projects to a healthy and productive stage where they can carry themselves forward."
Michelle Javian joins HuffPost Live to share some tips that'll help keep your heart healthy.
A bit bittersweet, this is the final exhibition at the familiar uptown Whitney - located in the Marcel Breuer building on Madison Avenue. It heralds its upcoming move down to the West Village/Meat Packing District (WV/MPD) - where the larger structure on Gansevoort Street - overlooks the Hudson River.
Fortunately and unfortunately, there are thousands of organizations that can use helping hands. Some require more time, strength
Peace in the community, inner-peace, and the peace within those whom we are trying to help, is at the heart of the charitable work we do at Harboring Hearts.
As Spring kicks off, and we celebrate this rejuvenating season, I want to share some ideas of how anyone can help a non-profit, charity, or foundation that they care about.
Of the 300 people waiting for a heart transplant in New York, only slightly more than half of them received one last year. Today, 18 people will die because they didn't receive one in time.
What is so amazing about Heart Month is its emphasis on something we must all nurture and protect: our hearts.