hard choices

"Building a successful future in a changing world means facing hard choices," ESPN chairman Jimmy Pitaro said.
When you are president, you often don't get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young Americans to war and often disastrously change the course of world events.
My children are confident, independent, and hard working and I like to contribute some of that to spending most of their days away from me, learning to cope and solve problems without me. My refusal to feel guilty can waver just a bit, however, when I need to choose work over them.
Critics argue the secretary of state's efforts paved the way for the violence still plaguing Honduras.
And I'm scared to put my agency behind something because I'm distinctly uncomfortable with the idea of slinging my pack over my shoulders and walking over the horizon, knowing I'll never return to this place again.
The GOP Candidates Got A Gift From Hillary Clinton
Whether by accident or by design, Hard Choices doggedly makes the case for the person to lead us who is best placed to deliver more democracy, more freedom and more peacefulness the world over -- and it doesn't hurt that she has the biggest, most diverse rolodex on the planet.