hard drive

How secure is your data? Can anyone log onto your computer and access files on your hard drives or flash drives? Unless you've been diligent about encrypting and password protecting those files, the answer is probably "I don't know."
There's little doubt in our minds that you're familiar with Ed Cobb's 1964 song "Tainted Love," made insanely popular by
Before going on a murderous rampage, Adam Lanza reportedly destroyed his hard drive, but experts say clues for his motive can still be found in his Internet history.
"Your Internet history is very telling," said Monique Ferraro, an attorney and digital forensics expert. "Even without a
"You can still use disk drives for low speed archival storage, not the stuff the enterprise data centers need," Wozniak said
Justin Meyers Warnings Do not delete all backup folders. If your iOS device falters, you won't be able to restore it--you'll
As flood waters filled their basement, Larry and Nancy MacLennan hastily moved their computer to the first floor before evacuating