hard knocks

Hatred and bias against the Jets will not go away anytime soon. The best way to deal with them is for the Jets to finally win another Super Bowl, thus allowing feelings of envy to have a firm basis in reality.
“Nothing against you personally,” Harrison said. “You might be a good guy. I just don’t like your profession.” To avoid the
But that won’t stop us from throwing out five teams that we would love to see on the program this summer. Our choices are
Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said on Monday that cutting Chad Johnson wasn't an easy decision to make. Whether or not
"Right now is the calm before the storm." "We're building momentum." "That's when this team is forged." "Toughest 5 weeks
Bad blood. Terry Francona will skip the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park next week despite delivering two World Series titles as manager.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell dipped his toe into recent conversation about the HBO miniseries "Hard Knocks," and the use
Last week, Hard Knocks appeared headed for the sort of disappointing ending that has characterized every Jets season since 1968.
Antonio Cromartie is known for many things: freakish athleticism, a disappointing NFL career after an impressive start, some
The New Jersey Nets, on Jewish Family Night, won for just the 8th time all season. Hmm. Maybe the Nets should consider wearing yarmulkes.