hard work

Most entrepreneurs are talking about how the hustle and grind, long hours of work, little or no sleep, several cups of coffee
Also known as "being Katie Ledecky."
So, my question for you is, are you willing? I chose to help because, as we all know, many hands make for light work. We
Dietitian Cassie - Founder & CEO of Healthy Simple Life - Millennial This powerhouse millennial’s achievements are impressive
Last week, plagiarism became national news. It got me thinking about the bigger picture of plagiarism, and why it is about more than simply borrowing someone's words or ideas.
Perhaps it is time to stop, and look at what you want to accomplish. Is there a different way to do it? Is it not the right timing? Does your expectation of the end result need to shift? What is not in alignment with you?
4.Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage one's emotions and perceive others' emotional needs and triggers, and it
The next morning I awoke with one thought. I promised myself I would persevere, solve any and all obstacles that might confront
"The circumstances of one's birth have what seems to be a larger and larger role in determining one's economic well-being