"I think she’ll blow out Bernie pretty early on. Bernie will lose his votes to her," said the host of MSNBC's "Hardball."
Ron Reagan is calling for impeachment or the 25th Amendment.
"It all came apart with his war of choice against Iraq."
Lest we forget, Donald Trump was a big birther back in the day.
How many more times are we going to hear about a crazed gunman walking into a school armed and ready to kill? How many more innocent children need to die before we wake up and prepare our teachers to fight back?
Intelligence Officer Who Briefed Dick Cheney says Cheney lied about intelligence leading up to Iraq war.
"Dismember my personhood"? Poor word choice, but point taken. A lot of good has come of the Ferguson protests, not the least
Chris Matthews Accuses GOP Of Keeping Jim Crow Alive
Chris Matthews presents rare footage of John F. Kennedy talking candidly after his first presidential debate with Richard Nixon.
The worst offender I saw in the press was Dana Milbank. I found him terribly hypocritical because he offered two almost completely contrasting takes on the CBO report on successive days, without ever admitting he'd done so.
When corporations and administrations get in a fix, conventional wisdom is to pat down the negatives. (Rarely do they leverage them, but that's another story.) And if they're listening to crisis counselors, the other imperative is to get ahead of the bad news.
How quickly we forget war's multidimensional and devastating costs. How thoughtlessly we label the crucial act of remembering as "blindness," and judge ourselves and others for our understandable weariness.
As more facts emerge in the aftermath of the horrific Navy Yard shooting, issues relating to guns, mental illness and access to sensitive locations by armed unstable individuals have resurfaced.