harlan crow

Republicans walked out of the hearing as Democrats voted to compel billionaire GOP donor Harlan Crow and conservative legal activist Leonard Leo to testify.
Republicans filed dozens of last-minute amendments to stall efforts to compel the GOP Texas billionaire to produce information about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Sens. Dick Durbin (Ill.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) plan to compel additional GOP benefactors as they step up their ethics probe into the Supreme Court.
The U.S. Supreme Court justice argued that he had to fly private out of concern for his personal security amid the decimation of Roe v. Wade.
Thomas has secretly reaped the benefits from a network of wealthy and well-connected patrons that is far more extensive than previously understood, ProPublica reported.
The Supreme Court justice has been under heightened scrutiny over revelations that he failed to disclose luxury gifts and other largesse from a Republican donor.
"All options are on the table," including a possible a subpoena to require the Supreme Court justice's billionaire benefactor to answer questions.
“Justice Thomas, if you want to make the rules, you don’t get to break them," states the ad from Alliance for Justice and Alliance for Justice Action Campaign.
“We do not believe the Committee has the authority to investigate” Crow’s friendship with the Supreme Court justice, the GOP billionaire's lawyer said.
The justice's relationship with conservative donors and judicial activists is corrupt if we follow his preferred method of legal interpretation.