Harlem Shake

I trucked it north from my digs in Brooklyn for the four-day event of endless food, booze, and style.
Dare we say we actually enjoyed it, too? In a video posted to YouTube last week, Derek Cooley, his wife Michelle and the
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Sometimes a workout gets popular because it's just so good. Other times, a workout gets popular because it's just too good
So for me summer is over. I wrapped it up with some pretty amazing new finds. I re-discovered Harlem, and fell in love with its history through fashion again.
Thank you, Reddit. The Harlem Shake may have gotten old fast, but puns never do. Also on HuffPost:
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The "Harlem Shake" has made it to seemingly every corner of the world, including the realm of men's viral underwear videos! We've compiled our ten favorite "Harlem Shake" videos for you, which you won't be surprised feature tons of underwear.
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The Tunisian Harlem Shake incident comes on the verge of an unprecedented political crisis in this country.
I don't want to smell like Brad Pitt. He gets paid for saying he likes Chanel No. 5, I don't.