harley quinn

Sorkin, who also played Calliope Jones on “Days of Our Lives,” was the inspiration and the original voice of the popular DC character.
The upcoming movie, “Joker: Folie à Deux," will reportedly be a musical, but there's no word on whether the singer will be playing Harley Quinn.
Batman villain Harley Quinn is finally coming to the big screen.
The "Justice League" director had a one-word response.
Twitter was not tongue-tied when news broke that the show “Harley Quinn” originally had a scene where the caped crusader performed oral sex.
"The Big Bang Theory" alum said there's no bad blood with her fellow Harley Quinn.
Sue Kroll talks about secrets from the film and why it's easier to break faces in pants.
In the trailer, Harley Quinn not only chops off her hair but reveals she has cut her boyfriend the Joker out of her life.
She's been tapped to helm the next Harley Quinn film starring Margot Robbie.