harm reduction

"Not only is COVID-19 running roughshod throughout the globe; anxiety itself is making us sick, and I’m watching the mental health crisis play out in real time."
For the last 30 years, harm reduction advocates have worked to humanize communities that are often criminalized.
The cartels decided not to push fentanyl in the state until recently.
Rural areas face unique barriers when they try to adopt urban harm reduction methods from the ’80s and ’90s.
As such, it may be time for harm reduction experts and human right activists to raise their voices and clarify for the future
While the evidentiary needle has moved another tick in favor of e-cigarettes, this latest report is sure to add fuel to a raging firestorm.
Data alone cannot tell us what to do. Interpreting the emerging evidence on e-cigarettes relies on values and priorities: harm reduction or precaution, immediate peril or potential risks. While there can be no question that the public health community must look for emerging scientific data regarding risks and benefits, we must acknowledge the values that animate the controversy.
Supervised injection facilities have been successful in several countries but not yet adopted in NYC.
Disclaimer: Drug courts and LEAD programs vary widely between locations so these comparisons are based on general principles