harm reduction

Jerry Martin hopes his Drugs Store can help combat the opioid crisis, which has killed over 11,000 people in British Columbia since 2016.
"His most recent batch of cocaine had likely been spiked with fentanyl .... Fearing for his life, I quickly booked a ticket."
The president’s drug control strategy will emphasize harm reduction.
The commission just released a final report saying clean syringe programs are good, actually.
The "crack pipes" lie is the latest instance of Democrats taking the bait.
A misunderstanding of harm reduction programs coupled with a Republican-led misinformation campaign led to a viral storm.
After a record year of overdoses in 2020, the two new supervised injection sites aim to offer a safer alternative for drug users.
"I was 8 years old the first time I took an opiate — an expired painkiller I found in our medicine cabinet with a 'May cause drowsiness' label."
"Not only is COVID-19 running roughshod throughout the globe; anxiety itself is making us sick, and I’m watching the mental health crisis play out in real time."
For the last 30 years, harm reduction advocates have worked to humanize communities that are often criminalized.