Harmony Korine

The provocative director returns with a sunny stoner comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg. We talked to him about, well, everything.
We learned last week that the "Spring Breakers" party will continue in the form of a sequel to the 2013 sleeper hit. But the news was missing two chief elements that made the original such a sensation: James Franco and writer/director Harmony Korine.
For his "Starburst" paintings, Korine overlaps strips of masking tape on an unprimed canvas, applying primary colors on top
Ashley Benson, Franco's "Spring Breakers" co-star and a survivor from the first film, also discussed the possibility of a
It's the time of year when critics release their lists of the year's best films. It feels like a competitive sport -- or a provocation, which all of these lists are, by nature. As in: "This is my list of the best films. If you don't agree, you're wrong."
As for Herzog's assertion that Franco's performance was stronger than Robert De Niro's in "Taxi Driver," it should be noted
Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery. But what if you want to imitate someone so badly that you're willing to steal from them? Where does that fall on the sincerity meter?
There's a trend in actor-turned-director helmed films at Cannes this year, an impeccable direction of the people on screen. One of the clearest examples of this is James Franco's new feature film, As I Lay Dying.
When Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens' characters don pink ski masks, they can shoot gangsters with impunity, shielded by
James Franco can be see in "Spring Breakers" and "Oz the Great and Powerful," both film in theaters now. "Late Show with
Korine says marijuana was to blame. The folks in Mane's entourage apparently smoke all day, so by the time the sex scene
Now that Oscar season is mercifully forgotten, HuffPost executive arts and entertainment editor Michael Hogan and entertainment editor Christopher Rosen can chat about other things besides the awards race. Like Harmony Korine's crazy fever dream, "Spring Breakers."
Maybe -- because Franco is actually pretty good you guys: Yes! Many times! All criticisms leveled against [Harmony Korine's
How you feel flipping through Vice and the glorification of proclaimed "outlaws" will probably indicate how you'd feel about Spring Breakers.
"Spring Breakers" director Harmony Korine cast famously young-looking actresses like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley
It's populated with characters who seem to have no interior life -- only a devotion to the pursuit of sensation via the eternal party. And, in his own oblique way, Korine offers commentary about just how empty that world is.
Today is the birthday of eccentric director and artist, Harmony Korine. The man behind delightfully grimy films like "Kids