harold and kumar

The "Harold & Kumar," star, who served in the Obama White House, chatted with "The Late Late Show" host James Corden.
I know there has been a lot written about the digital age and how you can never really get over anyone cause everytime you
Kal Penn may be most recognizable as Kumar from the stoner film franchise "Harold & Kumar", but the actor has also made headlines
As for actually speaking to Kumar, the president never gets that far. "Did you say you're looking for Kumar? Oh, he's gone
There's a whole subplot surrounding Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, only pretending to be gay publicly
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is a return to form, with the plot's clear and single-minded focus echoing the first film's mission for munchies.
Jimmy Stewart must be rolling in his grave right now. That, or getting his party on in Jesus' nightclub. A new, very red
WATCH: Since Kal Penn has spent some serious time working for the president, this new installment steers away from political
Several entertainment media sources reported that Penn, who may be best known as Hollywood's "Kumar," was preparing to leave