Harold Evans

Renowned journalist and editor Harold Evans discusses his new book, "Do I Make Myself Clear?"
Anyone with half a brain knew all about Rupert Murdoch from the time he invaded all of journalism. It was inevitable because Murdoch has repeatedly demonstrated an absence of ethics, decency and integrity.
No matter how rich and famous they become, newcomers generally suffer through the most absurd living conditions as a rite
Harold Evans, doubtless the finest English newspaper editor of his time, could make you weep in his memoir of formative days in Manchester and glory years with the Sunday Times of London.
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You can read an excerpt from My Paper Chase at the Good Morning America website. Sir Harold Evans, former king of old media
Shoptimism, Lee Eisenberg The Wall Street Journal Much of this information has been written about before--Paco Underhill
Electric cars are not new; they were first used 100 years ago, the preferred vehicle for both women and doctors.
An article by Harold Evans today purports that Palestinian children are being taught the values of martyrdom and war in school. The author and the sources he quotes are deeply biased.