3. Other instruments: "I started out on the piano when I was 5. I picked up the ukulele and guitar along the way. ... I have
Los Angeles is a city full of characters, and Phillip King is no exception. A tall man who exudes positivity in his seemingly permanent ear-to-ear smile, Phillip has been bringing his distinct style to different corners of the city for the past few years, becoming something of a fixture for locals.
Meet Ogden, our new favorite harp and ultimate music crush (who is a harp).
As much as I feel at home in New York, it is when I come to Los Angeles that I engage and re-engage with the irreplaceable
For those in the real estate finance and home building industry, the coming of Mel Watt as the newly inducted Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency could not have come at a more propitious time.
Welsh music is either the poor stepchild of the Celtic world, or its best-kept secret. So I was glad to see a whole contingent of Welsh musicians showcasing and schmoozing at the Folk Alliance International in Kansas City.
How is it that a John Lennon or Marvin Gaye song has everlasting global and sustaining reach when they sing of peace or war? Why is a lyricist/musician more influential than a political pundit?
Given the stark ideological differences between the president and a severely conservative House of Representatives, and the
Nothing puts the fear of God into Democrats with the realization that the male reincarnation of Ayn Rand is only a heartbeat away from being the next president of the United States.
Luigi Zingales, a University of Chicago economist, said he agrees that offering targeted principal reduction to some underwater
The Obama administration and the housing regulator FHFA revamped the HARP program in October to allow homeowners with loans
The White House did not immediately return requests for comment. But the administration frequently responds to criticisms
DeMarco's still an unelected ideologue with too much power, and he still needs to go. But yesterday, he finally spoke up. To anyone with the right political or emotional closed-captioning device the message was loud and clear: Don't rush me, Mr. President -- and find yourself another fall guy.
Neil Barofsky, the former special inspector general for the TARP bailout, referred HARP 2.0 on Twitter as "backdoor bailout
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama vowed during Tuesday's State of the Union Address to establish a new financial crimes
My crystal ball is never as crystal-clear as I'd like, but I do think that we can expect a gradual economic recovery to move the housing market a few steps back toward normal in 2012.
The change dampens the "put-back risk" for lenders, which is the possibility that the bank originating or refinancing a loan
Faced with the weak response to the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the Obama administration is planning to open up the
These are extraordinary times and extraordinary times require public and private sector utilization of extraordinary measures to solve societal issues like the housing crisis. This issue cannot be properly addressed piecemeal.