The appeal of the Caliph's simple end times narrative forms the foundation of an Islamist movement which is driving men to commit unthinkable acts of murder, genocide and suicide attacks against strangers with different religious beliefs.
Maybe it's because the authors lived here, but dozens of classic books for kids are set in the center of New York. Crickets in their pages hang out, not in cornfields, but in Midtown. Mice don't run down country lanes: They sail boats in Central Park.
Unless you follow every reality series on the Oxygen and Style networks, Spanish soccer, country singers and the wives of
Laurel: I didn't get to see you in your little sailor suit. (pouting) Bus: I never saw you in your bridal gown. You did wear
Growing up in Bethlehem, I literally grew up with the details of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, which Israel claims Jordan and Palestine have no connection to.
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Any American president should be horrified by the conditions under which opponents of the regime in Singapore have been harassed. The APEC summit presents an opportunity to set the record straight.
My thoughts on changes in the book industry and why I love what Huffington Post is doing in this space!
For the second time this month, a publisher has decided to delay the electronic-book release of a major new title in hopes
Canada's right-wing government is relying on the heated rhetoric and divisive-style of politics that Obama refused to engage in south of the border in the recent US election.