harper lee

The four-time Tony nominee reflects on the triumphs and limitations of Harper Lee's classic text.
The actor drew on author Harper Lee's real-life friendship with Truman Capote in his portrayal of the young Dill Harris.
The comedian unscientifically proves that Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" shouldn't take the title.
Did your favorite book win?
When art imitates reality, s**t gets scary.
From Prince to Muhammad Ali, there were some heartbreaking losses this year.
being approached by a teacher on an otherwise long, boring day. BLACK IS... appears publicly for the first time on Huffington
Subways at rush-hour are unhappy places. Weary commuters slouch in tired clumps, pressed together like gummy bears in a bag, their blank expressions saying: I am in a dank, cramped, subterranean space; I am surly; I want to go home; do NOT attempt verbal communication.
As if on cue, eighteen or so sets of preteen eyes would turn and stare at me, sitting behind them at a desk with a small ballpoint tattoo on the bottom left corner. They were looking for the tears I had promised them.