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The writer, who's been hailed a hero, described how the spreadsheet took on a life of its own, transforming the media industry and her own life.
They're taking to Twitter with an "I am Spartacus" movement.
"It’s like a deep breath of fresh air before we get into the craziness of our day.”
The departure is reportedly due to "editorial differences."
President Obama was first elected after making grand promises on the environment, but has yet to live up to his rhetoric. We're joined by journalist Mark Hertsgaard to discuss Obama's environmental legacy.
In a web exclusive interview, political scientist Adolph Reed Jr. talks with me about his new article in the March issue of Harper's Magazine -- a challenge to America's progressives provocatively titled, "Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals."
It is sad, but only if you let it overwhelm you. Electronic gimmicks and outlets are like forbidden, fat-laden food. You have to learn to discipline yourself and consume just enough to satisfy your craving, without causing damage to your physical or mental health.
So, the best music in the world performed by the best performers can be easily and inexpensively enjoyed and owned by anyone anywhere. Not so in the visual arts.
The National Post reported on Harper's response to the CBC upon realizing its mistake on Monday. The magazine tweeted: The
Harper's, the venerable monthly magazine, has been torn asunder over the formation of a union by staffers, New York's Gabriel
There was nothing much special about the guy, except for a lunatic love of politics. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood
Columnist Thomas Frank is leaving the Wall Street Journal for Harper's Magazine. Frank, who has written for the Wall Street
The U.S. government has long maintained that three Guantánamo prisoners -- Salah Al-Salami (37), from Yemen, and Mani Al
It's not that I object to critical thinking. We need it. Yet, while we're reminding Obama of his promises and scrutinizing him on his decisions, we need to stand with him.