Harris Wittels

I'm writing this so other families will hopefully know what we didn't.
I am supposed to be your sister for the duration of our lives. I am not supposed to tell funny stories about when we were kids at your funeral. I am not supposed to sit on the cold ground, peering into a giant hole at a casket we chose for you out of a brochure. On February 19, 2015, our worst-case scenario became a reality.
Host Marc Maron had the late Harris Wittels as a guest in "the garage" for episode 424 of WTF less than two years ago, back in September of 2013. The day after Wittels was found dead, Maron reposted that interview.
"We love you, Harris," read a message after the credits rolled. Harris also appeared multiple times on the series as an employee
Sitting on the beach staring at the same waves 10 years later, and I am struck by the uncanny symmetry that makes the whole thing feel like just one more of your perfectly crafted jokes. The ultimate call back.
Things happen all the time that we can't control. People let us down. Things don't turn out the way we want them to. And, sometimes -- almost always -- all you can do is laugh, and feel better than you did before. Thank you Harris Wittels, not only for laughing, but for not being scared to. I hope it's okay if we laugh too.
The emotional letter shares a handful of touching anecdotes about Wittels' bold and hilarious emails, his characteristic
"Today, I lost a friend," Poehler said. "I lost a dear young man in my life, who was struggling with addiction and who died