harris wofford

For Notre Dame's memorial service, President Obama sent a video reflecting his two visits to Notre Dame. When he came the second time, as President, in his speech he saluted Father Hesburgh and TV cameras caught Father Ted smiling in the front row.
The Prime Minister of India's new campaign draws strength from Gandhi's own example of direct action.
Today's easy citizenship does not require much of us. Taxation enables us to support common projects and voting to elect candidates that a majority supports. But there are far too few experiences that bring us together in shared community and national purpose.
The Presidential Citizens Medal, the nation's second-highest civilian honor, recognizes American citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens. Sen. Harris Wofford will be honored along with other recipients at a White House ceremony on Friday, Feb. 15.
The National Peace Corps Association, the nation's leading nonprofit organization supporting Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the Peace Corps Community, is looking for nominations for the Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award by this Friday, Feb. 1.
Bipartisan outpourings are rare in Washington these days. So when they happen, they should make news. The occasion was the birthday celebration of eight decades of service by Harris Wofford.