Harry Houdini

Author David Michael Slater talks about growing up across the street from Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue.
Harry Kellar, the magician most admired by Harry Houdini, was so adept at misdirection that he once boasted that “a brass
What is known for certain is that he died of acute appendicitis. Some say his death was caused by a punch in the stomach
The trickster is an archetype whose presence is not limited to mythology. While there will always be a shape shifter like Loki lurking around, fast-thinking humans have always had a talent for distracting onlookers in times of crisis.
With its many festivals devoted to so many different aspects of film, festivals goers in San Francisco are especially fortunate in their opportunity to take in movies others may have only heard or read about.
You'd be forgiven if Scranton PA doesn't spring to mind as a vacation destination. But let's take a second look, ok?
As this entertaining and touching nonfiction film reveals, that has been Randi's most important work over the years: debunking charlatans who profit from their supposed ability to contact the dead or otherwise harness the supernatural. 
Along with the particular charm of the story you get the excitement of some of Houdini's most death defying escapes. If you are not already familiar with how the story is going to end these daredevil escapes give real suspense to the show.
His respect for Machpelah's position might be surprising given that last year Brookz and Dietrich orchestrated an unauthorized
In the outskirts of London, among the small shops, a rather unusual trick has been played frequently upon unsuspecting shopkeepers
Ignoring her and addressing himself to the audience, Turner went on. “Aaaright,” he said. “Now you’re ready for the way they
Ross turned down "Catching Fire," the sequel to the money-making "Hunger Games" adaptation. Though he initially expressed
Do you use art as a means of escape? Let us know in the comments section. The exhibition combines historical relics from
Houdini was the Pablo Picasso of handcuff removal, the Babe Ruth of being plunged ankle first into locked containers filled with water. Houdini toyed with death at every padlocked corner.
These slides show us examples of how and where conjuring has gone fatally awry, and why. With equal appreciation, we honor and immortalize the heroes, casualties and dunces who have lost their lives in pursuit of magic.
The Google home page is sporting a vintage look, commemorating the 137th birthday of world famous illusionist and escape
The City Diner Escape: Harry locked himself in the bathroom at City Diner and then got out. This may not seem like a lot, but the lock there is really confusing.
Ragtime is a sweeping, ambitious revival that, with the election of Barack Obama, carries added resonance. The musical, an adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's novel, is not to be missed.
It had been raining about an hour when the locksmith rang my doorbell. I went to the door prepared to put his mind at ease. If you didn't know, Detroit is like that.