Harry Shum Jr.

"You feel like something’s wrong with you,” the “Crazy Rich Asians” star said of not seeing people like himself in portrayed in media and entertainment.
Attention, Gleeks everywhere: You want to watch this.
Shum, who's rumored to be the star of the "Crazy Rich Asians" sequel, said his experience as Bey's backup dancer was a "dream come true."
"Hawaii's a state where people's eyes light up when you say 'Hawaii.' I'm thankful and looking forward to have the opportunity to go out there."
My experience with Do Something's Harry Shum Jr. surprise was amazing! It was undoubtedly the BEST day of my LIFE.
In this episode, Mike Chang Jr. wants to be "an artist" and his father wants him to go to Harvard. Glee Club and his girlfriend, Tina Cohen-Chang, are standing in his way and are seen as distractions.