Hart Senate Office Building

“No more food banks, we need paychecks!” chanted furloughed workers going without pay amid the record-length government shutdown.
Young activists walked out of class in Washington, D.C., and across the country.
Many health care advocates were arrested at a Senate building, including several disabled activists.
The usually quiet visitor galleries echoed with protesters shouting.
See the entire appeal, below: NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre is scheduled to testify at the hearing, and the NRA on Tuesday
In that vein, the agency is “exploring options,” according to spokeswoman Eva Malecki, regarding “installing more energy
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Photo by Flickr user goldberg Ayers said that $50 million would go toward a backlog of "deferred maintenance" projects critical
About 75-100 protesters from the October2011 occupation of Freedom Plaza marched from the Plaza to the Hart Senate Office