Hartford, Connecticut

A 28-year-old man died in the shooting at the Majestic Lounge in Hartford’s South End, police Lt. Paul Cicero said.
Officer Stephen Barone told a group of people that he would lose tens of thousands of dollars if he shot at them.
The state is caught in an economic straitjacket and there's no easy way out.
Animal welfare groups are urging people to keep pets inside and warm.
Remember this: Heather Lindsay loved David Mosher.
Brianna Brochu called her roommate "Jamaican Barbie" and is accused of committing vile acts against her.
In the face of these acts of gun violence, our inaction has made us complicit.
The decision comes more than a decade after police officers shot a Saint Bernard in front of a 12-year-old girl.
The letter from Mark Twain (real name Sam Clemens) to his toddler Susie is a holiday classic in our family. Reading it aloud has become an annual tradition, and if you celebrate Christmas and Santa's generosity to well-behaved youngsters, I predict reading it will become a tradition in your family, too.