harvard poll

Many liberal millennials are feeling the Bern -- and burned by the American dream.
A recent survey from Harvard’s Institute of Politics finds that 54 percent of millennials now disapprove of Obama’s job performance
More than 7 in 10 in the Harvard poll said that their own financial circumstances were an important factor in whether or
The results of the Harvard Public Opinion Project's new poll reveal a democracy at risk. The 2012 election might bring the lowest youth voter turnout since 18-year-olds were allowed to vote in 1972. Our democracy is at risk and we must do something about it.
A new national poll of 18-29 year-olds conducted by Harvard's Institute of Politics indicates that the generation is losing
A new Harvard poll finds that President Obama is holding on to his strongest supporters, voters under 30, though they overwhelmingly oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan.