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She reported ongoing harassment over several months, but the lawsuit says the college did nothing.
"As the conversation about sexual assault at colleges and universities spread to campuses across the nation, Harvard recognized
As of April 3, the Education Department told HuffPost that OCR has 52 pending Title IX investigations specifically involving
This weekend marks the six-year anniversary of my assault and rape in Belfast. It's not the kind of anniversary you tend to celebrate with greeting cards, cake, or presents (or frankly, announce on The Huffington Post). But at the same time, it's an anniversary which I find impossible to overlook.
The complaint was filed Friday with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights by Emily Fox-Penner and one
I, too, went to Harvard, and years later (when I least expected it), I was raped. Ever since that day in April 2008 -- when I was pushed into the mud by a violent 15-year-old boy -- I've been thinking a lot about how our society handles the problem of rape.
“19 out of 20 men will never commit an assault,” he says. “It’s only five percent of men who are doing these things. The
A woman reported that she was raped in Harvard Yard early Friday morning, University police announced in an email to the