Harvey Levin

Comedian Kathy Griffin tore into Bravo’s Andy Cohen in a 17-minute video she posted to her social media accounts.
Ashlee Marie Preston wasn't having any of the gossip show's "apologist remarks" about the reality star.
Last year, I had great responses from a blog post and survey about TIME's Person of the Year, so I decided to revisit the topic as we start to look back on the people and events that shaped the news in 2014.
The TMZ NYC tour takes travelers on a very different sort of journey through the Big Apple. Dying to see the hotel where Sting and his wife got in on in public bathroom? This is the trip for you.
Like many celebrities, Rick Ross has grown tired of TMZ's ever-present cameras and questions. But while Kanye West prefers
One year ago today, an e-mail alert came across my Blackberry. There was silence across the office. Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50. And celebrity blog TMZ had broken the news exclusively.
Effective immediately, TSA personnel will be replaced at the nation's airports by camera-wielding paparazzi who will be paid by TMZ for revealing photographs of passengers.
Lemon on Sunday went on CNN's Reliable Sources to defend the extensive coverage of Michael Jackson's death, calling critics
Since Elvis, the social pathos and obsession with celebrities has grown more than a hundred-fold, and this King of Pop will never be laid to rest or allowed to rest in peace.
It has been thirty years since the 1980's began with the death of disco and a frowning Ayatollah Khomeni returning to Tehran and embarrassing President Jimmy Carter with his arduous hostage standoff.
In a development certain to astonish, the FCC has ruled that Fox's "TMZ" and the Christian Broadcast Network's "The 700 Club
Will Harvey Levin's tabloid touch yield another web hit? Over the weekend, I stumbled across what appears to be a stealth
According to TMZ, Katie Couric will leave CBS on her own terms and the network will likely eliminate the "Evening News" anchor
I am thankful for the bright young people — guys and gals in their 20s — who are going to change the news business and the
The early success of "TMZ," a new syndicated television show based on the popular Web site of the same name, illustrates