Harvey Milk Day

We go so much deeper than what is on the surface, which is often covered in glitter.
Though California is the only state that officially recognizes the holiday, celebrations can be found across the country
It seems that the message we too often miss from Milk's work is that all Americans have an interest in equality because soon we will all be minorities in some way or another. Harvey called this his "coalition of the us's" -- not only gays but blacks, Asians, seniors, the disabled.
In his impassioned 1978 "Gay Freedom" speech, Harvey Milk, LGBT rights pioneer, activist and one of the first openly gay
In San Diego, residents and city authorities will be on hand to unveil "Harvey Milk Street" at an evening ceremony, according
We here at HuffPost SF, however, will happily go on record as saying we very much support the holiday! The anti-gay group
Over the objections of some fellow Republicans, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill in 2009 establishing
Mabus sparked a similar controversy last year when he named ships after labor leader Caesar Chavez, who served in the Navy
The protection of the permanent interests of both the "straight" and LGBT communities require we actively seek to acquire sufficient political power to mandate what we want, rather than just pleading for what we believe to be just.
Tomorrow, May 22, would have been Harvey Milk's 80th birthday, and despite not having lived to see his 50th, what he accomplished in his few years in public life remains nothing short of extraordinary.
Harvey Milk taught us that we must be about more than just ourselves. It is important that our community stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies fighting for social justice across the spectrum.
Honoring Harvey Milk with a day that commemorates him helps to send the still dire messages of hope, inspiration, and equality. It also boldly states that we do not live in a culture that tolerates violent oppression.
Today would have been Harvey's 79th birthday but for Dan White's bullet. It's a good time to reflect on whether we have heeded his call to live openly and fight hard for true equality.
Just a few days ago I bought a suit Sean Penn wore during his Academy Award-winning performance in Milk -- the suit Penn's Harvey Milk wore the night he defeated Prop 6 in November of 1978.