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They claimed a "Mudd Goes Madd" event made fun of people with mental health issues.
"One of the things that's wonderful about data science as a field right now," Mason told me, "is that people come to it from
The percentage of women graduating overall, including all majors, in the class of 2014 was 49 percent. Overall, the college's
Some campuses are uglier than others. This is just a fact of life. The 1960's was a very hit-and-miss time for architecture
Do you need access to Facebook and Twitter at all times? Whenever you walk into a room are you instantly scouring for outlets
His Emmy Award-winning "Science Guy" children's television program aired 100 episodes, ending in 1998. Since then, he's appeared
College costs a lot, and no one wants to waste four or five years going deep in debt and not get anything for their money
Each team wrote the A.I. for a computer game. The contest is then the A.I.s from each team fighting each other where one will reign victorious over the others on the field of battle.
This upcoming January will see the first intercollegiate programming code war, with multiple teams competing from most of the top computer science colleges in the country.