The toy brand announced five new compounds, including Play-Doh Slime.
Because nothing classes up Park Place quite like a T-rex.
Take a trip back in time with retro and classic versions of games we played as kids.
That's why I'm so excited about the Joy Maker Challenge, and so grateful to Hasbro, Inc. for sponsoring this effort, now
While kids are goofing off, parents can also join in on the lighthearted fun -- we could all use a break from the serious once in a while!
The toy is raising awareness of ugly vegetables, which should be eaten, not tossed.
There were many other surprises in this exhibit of nearly 500 favorites developed in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society.
Ambidexterity is being able to operate with both your right and left hand. You have to be very good in box 1, 2 and 3. Box
The "Star Wars" toymaker doesn't want kids glued to a screen.