hashimoto's disease

“Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those u don’t,” she wrote.
2. Guggul: This Ayurvedic herb has been studied for decades for its pro-thyroid properties. It enhances enzymatic activity
As I continue to feel better I am working on decreasing the amount of medication I need. Soon I hope to be off the medication
One of the most useful reasons for understanding why you have thyroid disease is this: By knowing how it happened, the steps that will help you feel better become more apparent.
[1] Kirsten D.The thyroid gland: physiology and pathophysiology. Neonatal Netw. 2000 Dec;19(8):11-26. Review. Since the adrenals
There is an important distinction between taking thyroid hormones with Hashimoto's disease and taking them when hormones are lacking due to age and stress. In these latter cases, getting more hormones from another source may not be the main solution.
The other acronym that spells trouble for your gut. What it might be: Hashimoto's disease,* (or Hashimoto's thyroiditis) which
It's not that difficult to think of sugar as a habit, or even a minor pleasurable addiction. Anyone who has ever craved a chocolate cake -- or, in the case of me as I write this, a blueberry smoothie -- knows that the craving of sugar can be highly irritating.
I've now successfully cured the supposedly incurable disease, and live happy and healthy with a fully functioning thyroid. More important and subtle to note, probably, is the fact that the groundwork has been laid within my body for it to express a different truth.