One person noted a big potential problem with robot sex workers: All the customers want the one with that new car smell.
The Trump-trolling #DoYouHaveASmartPhone hashtag went viral on Twitter with the help of Kellyanne Conway's husband.
Twitter critics rally around some laughs under the #RainOnTrumpsParade hashtag.
The hashtag is shedding light on a community that creator Andrew Gurza says we "would rather ignore."
Reign's 2015 hashtag — protesting that year’s slate of all-white Oscar acting nominees — spurred inclusion in Hollywood.
The Surgeon General will co-host the Twitter Chat on walking and the Step It Up! challenge with the President's Council on
Never before has it been so easy to get into the heads of corporate giants. There is more value on social media than an MBA course -- you just have to be selective about what you retain as meaningful.
Black women are the perfect combination of 🔥 and 💯.