Managing extraordinarily creative people is challenging if not impossible. But you can bring out their best if you give them
If you're thinking this is a little airy fairy, you're not alone. I thought that too - until I watched Eyoälha in action
The intersection of the secret of happiness, how you don't get to choose your mission and how different missions call different
In the years that followed, Kraner assembled an unstoppable network of artists, entrepreneurs and activists. Various amalgamations
Start by getting bigger picture things vaguely right and building on already existing patterns. Put people with complementary
It is counter-intuitive. You would think the more scope, time and resources you have, the easier it would be to innovate. Chris Denson, Director, Ignition Factory at OmnicomMediaGroup says you would be wrong
The Defend Trade Secrets Act, introduced in the Senate by Senators Hatch and Coons, and in the House by Representatives Collins
There are three and only three ways to create. They come from connective, component and blank page creativity. That's it
They share their insights in this short video.
"It's important that we tell people in our lives that we're thankful for them every day."
At the end, all the girls come together to draw self-portraits pointing out what they love about their bodies. By doing this
The Congressional Progressive Caucus has released "Principles for Trade," showing that there could be an alternative to the TPP, a global strategy designed to benefit workers, not investors, and serve the nation's interests, not the special interests of global companies and banks. The CPC seeks more trade, but on terms that will strengthen, not sabotage, working families.