hatch act

"We have what appears to be an immaculate deception," said Navarro, baselessly dismissing Joe Biden's 5 million vote victory margin as a mirage.
Freshman lawmaker gets into heated dispute with White House counselor.
“These requests represent a significant encroachment on OSC’s independence."
The Hatch Act is supposed to prevent officials in the executive branch from using their platform to spread partisan messages. Trump officials don’t seem to care about it.
The senior counselor to the president reportedly violated a law that prohibits government employees from engaging in political activities.
The Hatch Act is not grounds for criminal prosecution. It is grounds to fire a federal employee.
"The result has been more teenage suicides, horrendous school shootings by students who felt bullied or belittled, and now
Under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI asserted that the mafia didn't exist, enabled Joe McCarthy's witch hunts and worked diligently
This raises the question about whether motives need to be known for the targeting to be a partisan act, or does the simple
The oil and gas giant denies the charge and says that a central assertion of the complaint is "completely inaccurate." The