Hatch Act of 1939

The White House said President Trump's counselor "cannot be compelled to testify."
"In any other administration, Kellyanne Conway would’ve been fired," Sen. Richard Blumenthal said after announcing the new legislation.
The White House declines to let the Oversight Committee question Trump's adviser about alleged ethics violations. The next step could be a subpoena fight.
A complaint alleges President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser repeatedly violated the law that bans government employees from political campaigning.
"The Late Show" dinged President Donald Trump's aide over her Hatch Act violations.
"Blah, blah, blah," Conway has said. "Let me know when the jail sentence starts."
The president defended his adviser after a federal watchdog recommended her ouster for repeated Hatch Act violations.
The statements may constitute Hatch Act violations on top of those for which the Office of Special Counsel on Thursday recommended she be fired.
The White House adviser has violated the Hatch Act several times and shows "disregard for the law," the watchdog group said.
Former interior secretary violated the Hatch Act with his MAGA socks at Mount Rushmore event, federal officials determined.
Lynne Patton said she may have violated the Hatch Act, then called anyone mad about it a “liberal snowflake.”
The recidivist White House aide has ignored reprimands and is again politicking on taxpayers' dime, an ethics group says.
Press secretary used official tweet to show off Kanye and his Trump campaign MAGA hat, violating the Hatch Act, organization says.