Hatch Act of 1939

The president's reelection campaign set up a "war room" on White House grounds.
Mark Meadows said people aren't bothered by Trump officials misusing their taxpayer-funded positions to endorse Trump's reelection at the RNC.
While Trump is exempt from the law banning political activity by government workers in government facilities, hundreds of White House employees are not.
A federal union has asked for an injunction against legal guidance that discouraged impeachment talk.
The last time the White House aide was nabbed using her job for partisan politics, she responded: “Blah, blah, blah ... Let me know when the jail sentence starts.”
The White House said President Trump's counselor "cannot be compelled to testify."
"In any other administration, Kellyanne Conway would’ve been fired," Sen. Richard Blumenthal said after announcing the new legislation.
The White House declines to let the Oversight Committee question Trump's adviser about alleged ethics violations. The next step could be a subpoena fight.
A complaint alleges President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser repeatedly violated the law that bans government employees from political campaigning.
"The Late Show" dinged President Donald Trump's aide over her Hatch Act violations.