Hate crime laws in the United States

Patrick Wood Crusius is facing more than 90 counts under federal hate crime and firearms laws for last summer's shooting at a local Walmart.
The Charleston church shooting resulted in the first-ever death sentence for a federal hate crime.
Roughly 88% of all the agencies in the report claimed to have zero hate crimes whatsoever.
The couple's scathing remarks came at a Justice Department event marking the anniversary of a hate-crime bill named after their murdered son.
James Alex Fields Jr., who slammed his car into a crowd of anti-racism protestors during a white nationalist rally in Virginia, has been sentenced to life in prison.
Prosecutors have added hate crime charges to list of crimes John T. Earnest is accused of after a shooting at the Chabad of Poway last month.
"He was only enjoying a glass of beer with his friend," the victim's wife said.
The two were among four men who used the popular dating app in four home invasions in Texas.