Hate Crimes

The suspected shooter is a Chinese American man believed to have targeted the Taiwanese community.
"I never leave home without pepper spray, with the safety unlocked and in an accessible place in my pocket."
Scott Johnson's violent death, at a site that was known as a gay meeting place, was initially called a suicide.
Scott White faces the possibility of life in prison for Scott Johnson's murder. Prosecutors said his death, initially dismissed as a suicide, was a gay hate crime.
South Carolina is one of two U.S. states without a hate crimes law.
Miya Ponsetto became known as “SoHo Karen” after she was filmed accusing a Black teen of taking her phone. The phone was found later in an Uber.
The former “Empire” actor is accused of reporting a staged hate crime to police.
Steven Zajonc was indicted on felony and misdemeanor hate crimes charges for attacks that took place over a three-hour period earlier this year.
Video posted to social media shows a white teen throwing cotton balls at a Black student before whipping him four times with a belt.
All charges have been dropped against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.