The singer is not having people trying to taunt her with her ex-boyfriend's name, telling haters she hopes they never have to experience an abusive relationship.
The pop star got candid about "clever haters" and her "small circle" in a post on Instagram.
The rapper again put her critics on blast in accepting the Hip-Hop Artist of the Year honor.
The youngest congresswoman hit back at Republicans who reportedly booed her.
Michael Phelps has not only been crushing it in Rio, but he's also been destroying the internet. That's because of a viral photo of him taken right before a race he was about to swim.
Not always will there be a Rick who proves the width of your reach. More often than not, your actions and words will be silently
The ironic thing is, it's one of the most creatively productive and self-sufficient flowers we have in our existence. No
HuffPost RISE is a morning show dedicated to creating possibility around your day. More and more research is proving how important it is to begin each day on an uplifting and positive note.
Motivational speaker and author, Lizzie Velásquez shares how she has built her self-confidence up after being called "The World's Ugliest Woman," and shares how others can do the same.
The actress says the movie shouldn't be about men, women or class.
Using the power of tweet embedding technology, we make celebrities appear to have ridiculous conversations. Read below to
Using the power of tweet embedding technology, we make celebrities appear to have ridiculous conversations. See here Donald Trump and Jaden Smith chatting about haters, Mac Miller, and immigration.
Everyone likes to have new beginnings or cleanse for the new year. We want to rid ourselves of the things that hold us back and weigh us down. Sometimes that means losing certain people along with those extra holiday pounds.
Are you a newbie at blogging? Do you want to get lots of hits? The best way is to write something that'll piss people off. One approach: Be super negative.
Matthew 7:2 "For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you..." Jesus
I received a message from a reader asking me, as a fellow blogger, how I handle negative comments on my articles. Since I think this conversation is worth talking about with the writing community as a whole, I thought I would share a few of the tips that I sent to her in response.
When someone condemns our work, comments unkindly on our appearance, judges our parenting style or disapproves of any of our actions, it is a pure and total reflection of them, not us. Take relief and comfort that a critic's words often have nothing to do with you at all. Here are six reasons critics can be a good thing in your life: