Vandals set fire to a statue mocking Trump in Slovenia.
This is no fantasy dystopia but the world we actually live in -- the "tomorrow" of King's passionate warning cry half a century
1. Has the hated Object really said or done anything warranting hatred? Answer: The hated Object uttered as many errors as
The other day I received a call from a reporter with what seemed an odd request. He wanted my thoughts on the internment
In one way of looking at it, Donald Trump did us a service by ripping the bandaid off deep wounds we didn't want to look
In the world according to Trump and his devotees, it's been a long six decades. The era of the racially impermissible is
As a professor of logic, I am deeply troubled by the lack of argument surrounding the issues of this campaign and the continual use of the ad hominem fallacy.
This is true when the leader is virtuous and honest. But Donald Trump is leading his followers into a quagmire and they don't
Long before she sought the power of office, she was laboring behind the scenes to help average people to live in security