haunted doll

"We heard she was afraid of the dark so we have a light on her at all times."
"Our dog won't stop barking at it and we never find it where we left it. Doll has really cute laugh. No batteries," its online ad reads.
A few years ago, my husband and I joined friends for a night filled with mystery, spine-tingling adventure and something to do with bugs. At least that's what the Psychic Ghost Theatre (now closed) promised. They also dangled a Spirit Closet in front of me --how could I resist?
For every monster under the bed or supposed ghost floating down the hallway, there's a parent who soothes, double checks the closet and protects their child from tricks of the light.
Look, we've seen "The Ring," so we know the only way to keep this doll out of our dreams is to pass the video along for someone