haunted hotels

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Washington, D.C.: Before becoming the most famous hotel in our nation's capital, the property on the corner of 16th and H
Before being converted into a hotel in the 1960s, this nearly two-century-old property served as a ballroom and theater, then
Enjoy a spooky stay this Halloween season at one of our favorite haunted hotels. From former prisons to medieval mansions to the property that inspired "The Shining," these terrifying retreats offer adventurous vacationers an up-close encounter with the spirit world.
The Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the World Hotels love repeat guests. But what about those guests who depart but
If you'd prefer a "trick" rather than a "treat" this Halloween, consider a weekend getaway to a haunted hotel. A quick Google search will reveal that almost every region has one, so pack your bags and head to one nearby for a weekend of ghost hunting.
A Hideout for Criminals Many shrines — called Koa — to the fishing god Kuula are located between Kaunala and Laau, which
Whether you prefer to partake in an eerie reenactment of history, a tour through a spooky graveyard or stay the night with a spirit (or two!), here's a few frightfully ideal destinations for Halloween enthusiasts this year.
Forget the haunted house. Those looking for a ghostly encounter this Halloween can get up close and personal with departed spirits in the luxury of a hotel room. Because who says you shouldn't have room service while you're feeling spooked?