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"Haven" fans sweating that tense season finale cliffhanger moment needn't fear. Syfy has made a major commitment to the hit
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Brussels sprouts are the only vegetable I ever really liked. People have always mocked me for this, but apparently now it's cool. The Brusselian Era is upon us at long last, and I, for one, welcome our cruciferous overlords.
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Click here for the latest on the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and here to learn how to help those affected by the tragedy
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Julia Ormond is one of the "Witches Of East End." The actress, who recently appeared in "Mad Men," will star in the hourlong
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"Revenge" Season 2 moves to Sundays at 9 p.m. ET this fall and will also feature Emily's mother. No actress has been announced
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It's official: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are getting their sleuth on. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed
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What do you order when you go out for a drink? I like straight, brown spirit cocktails. I'll get a manhattan or an old fashioned
Called Ahead of Time, the film by director Bob Richman follows Gruber's remarkable career as a pioneering journalist and writer from the 1920s onward.
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Hand washing is non-existent and raw sewage is flowing throughout the camps. Walk anywhere with peril. Human feces are everywhere, even in the ruins of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince.
On Tuesday, the Icelandic parliament is expected to introduce a measure aimed at making the country an international center
The challenge this week is to create three looks for socialite Tinsley Mortimer: a look for an art gallery gala, a country club luncheon, and a rock concert backstage after-party.
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Family violence is a big problem, and here's one take from a shelter that can use a hand.