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The 1,300 ton spill killed more than 26,000 fish and marine life.
The 141-square mile island is home to two Four Seasons Resorts -- both of which Ellison owns -- and sees roughly 70,000 visitors
Usually people pay a sizable bill to HECO or they invest in solar. So why is Walker doing both? Cole-Brooks, of the Hawaii
Today is national coffee day, which is ironic since it's likely that your morning cup of joe wasn't even grown in America
When you traffic in a beach city, the pablum on store signs usually isn't something you notice, but the writing on some of the commercial signage in Hawaii is undeniably memorable.
It happens thousands of times in Hawaii each day. You're at the end of your vacation, sipping a mai tai, watching the waves, and dreading the five hour flight back to your mainland life when it pops into your head, "I should find a job and live here!"
As Lester Brown details in his latest book, Full Planet, Empty Plates, by 2044, the world population is expected to top 10 billion, and 80 percent of this will be in cities. Increasing poverty and the rise of a global middle class are evolving contemporaneously. Thirty years from now, national security estimates are that the global middle class will grow from 1 billion to 4 billion, mainly in Asia. The middle classes are meat eaters, and meat eaters consume many more calories.
Not so very long ago, entrepreneurship was a term owned largely by a small sliver of businesses and academics. It of course referred to those business people who made a habit of starting new things and those academics who saw in that process, a set of concepts and activities that could be studied and taught.