Hawaii food

It's usually sold in two-ounce packets, which is plenty to get you started. Since the powder is so flavorful, a few dashes
Where: Cafe 100 -- Hilo, Hawaii Where: 7-11 (Yes, really.) What: Deep-fried balls of heaven coated in sugar. That's all you
The issue at hand is about people, and not about corporations. This is about our Hawaii roots... The roots that were started in agriculture!
Every local worth their Hawaiian salt has pined for a poke bowl or knows exactly what causes a kanak attack.
Next to aloha, luau is perhaps the most recognized Hawaiian word in the word. That goes double for here in Hawaii, where going to a luau -- a traditional Hawaiian party with lots of food and island entertainment -- is always a special occasion for both visitors and local residents.
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Do me a favor. If you invite me to a holiday party, don't serve me Spam. I have nothing against others eating the pink meat; I once loved Spam myself. But I am upset about Hawaii's dubious distinction of being the No. 1 consumer of Spam in the country.
Dragon fruit is often called pitaya. It grows from cacti. Dragon fruit comes in three colors -- here’s yellow: Dragon fruit
The Hawai'i Food Policy Council invites you to the first annual Frankenfood Party on October 25th! Sweet Home Waimanalo will
Hawaii has always been known for our great weather, pineapples, mai tai's, and the aloha spirit in our people. Over the past few years though, our regional cuisine has taken center stage in the world, and that is all due to the success of the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, which is from Sept. 5-Sept. 8 on the Island of Oahu.
Salt is one thing we virtually always agree on as partners. Whether it's the missing ingredient in a nearly perfect dish or a dip in the Pacific to wash off a bad day, we share a deep love for salt.
Do we have to accept that no matter what we do or how hard we try to make the world a better place, we will still be hurting society and the planet? Absolutely not!
From hole-in-the-wall eateries to multi-million-dollar restaurants, we’ve rounded up our favorite dishes and drinks around