hawaii invasive species

Take the giant poisonous plant that has recently been found spreading throughout Kauai. The Bingabing tree, which is already
Tuesday's snake sighting is the second in just over a month for the island of Oahu. In late September, a 5-foot long boa
Hawaii is often called the "endangered species capital of the world" because we have more plants and animals that are in danger of extinction than any other place on Earth. More than one-third of all the threatened and endangered birds in the United States are found only in Hawaii.
Do the Hawaiian authorities not want to inconvenience arriving tourists, for fear of losing the precious dollars they add to the State's economy? Or do they just not care? Is the "aloha spirit" too loosey-goosey?
Dead mice laced with painkillers are about to rain down on Guam's jungle canopy. They are scientists' prescription for a headache that has caused the tiny U.S. territory misery for more than 60 years: the brown tree snake.