Hazard Pay

Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen reportedly collected $22.4 million after axing COVID-19 hazard pay for grocery store workers.
Now Kroger is closing stores where communities are requiring hazard pay.
Some Democrats are mounting a last-ditch effort to secure extra pay for essential workers. It doesn't look promising.
As one meat clerk put it, "Last I checked, people are still dying."
Unionized workers are far more likely to speak out about dangerous working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. There's no mystery as to why.
Employees of the fast-food giant want better protective gear, guaranteed paid leave and hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Taking away coronavirus pay increases may be easier said than done.
Workers told HuffPost that they're not being trained on how to use the cameras and would prefer hazard pay instead.
The United Food and Commercial Workers says Kroger will end workers' $2 "hero pay" May 17.
Under the senator's plan, front-line workers who risk contracting the coronavirus would receive up to $12 more an hour over three months.