Fraternity and Sorority Hazing

“This shows that it isn’t just men,” said Parker Stinar, an attorney for the women's volleyball player. “It isn’t just football players.”
A former Northwestern football player filed the first lawsuit against Pat Fitzgerald and members of the school’s leadership, seeking damages stemming from a hazing scandal that cost the former football coach his job.
The chancellor shut down the program after reviewing a campus police report in which an Aggies player said three teammates ganged up on him and attacked him.
“I wanted to take this issue outside of the confines of Greek life, and I wanted to show the scope of it,” said filmmaker Byron Hurt.
Stone Foltz, a 20-year-old business major at Bowling Green State University, died after an incident involving alcohol, his family's attorney said.
Terry Reynolds II, 21, faces felony and misdemeanor charges after the student was hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning.
Timothy Piazza, 19, died after consuming a large amount of alcohol during a Beta Theta Pi pledge event and falling down the stairs.
Track team members at the Bronx High School of Science accused of violent sexual hazing
The "sick cycle" of freshman initiation including being forced to drink beer off an older student's genitals.