I’ve never understood why more corporations don’t go about their business more delicately than they do.
Civil rights groups say the NCAA is breaking its "promise to ensure all championship games are held in locations that are safe, respectful, and free of discrimination."
Almost one year ago to the day, I dumped a nearly full beer on my head and, blinded, almost broke my leg falling down a set
North Carolina lawmakers have struck a deal to repeal HB2, a bill that was passed in reaction to a local anti-discrimination ordinance for LGBTQ people.
Keeping the law on the books could cost the state five years of NCAA championships.
A judge has ruled that Juliet Evancho, the sister of Jackie Evancho, can use the bathroom that matches her gender identity whilst she challenges her school district’s bathroom policies in court.
The toothless babble of HB-2 "protects" no one other than perhaps employers whose employees have more restricted rights as a result. Let's repeal this political mess that backfired on McCrory and will backfire on Berger and Moore as well if we don't move on.
Let us remind you that change starts locally!
How do we enforce these high standards? As for rushed and poorly-thought-out legislation, perhaps we can begin a cure by